To Hefei City

Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province in eastern China. It is about 500 km west of Shanghai, 1000 km south of Beijing. It can be easily accessible by airplane or new highspeed train from Beijing and Shanghai.

Please note that October 1st-7th is the national day holiday. Millions of people will be on the road at the same time. We strongly suggest that you book your air or train tickets to/from Hefei as soon as you confirm your schedule!

( 1 ) By airplane
Since there are only few international flights to Hefei airport, you can transfer in Beijing or Shanghai airport. Hefei Xinqiao Airport is located near the town of Gaoliu, Feixi County, 31.8 km from the centre of Hefei city. We recommend you fly to Hefei via Beijing, as there are seven flights to Hefei everyday, whereas there are only one flight from Shanghai to Hefei. You can find the flight information on this website: Website for Beijing Capital International Airport is:

If you choose Shanghai Airports, please note that there are two airports in Shanghai: Shanghai Pudong International Airport for international flights and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport for domestic flights ( It is about one hour bus ride between these two airports.

( 2 ) By Train

There are express trains between Beijing/Shanghai and Hefei.
Trip hour: 4hours
Fair: 720.50 RMB (first class seat), 427.50 RMB (second class seat)

Trip hour: 3-4 hours
Fair: 300.00 RMB (bullet first class seat), 200.0 0 RMB (bullet second class seat)
        188.00 RMB (fast first class seat), 156.00 RMB (fast second class seat)

The online train ticket reservation service is available, and the official website is: We suggest that you take the train on the way home, i.e, from Hefei to Beijing or Shanghai rather than the other way around, because it is tricky for people who use the website for the first time, and for people who can not speak Chinese to buy the train ticket in Railway Station and take the train.

Please note, online service on the website doesnĄ¯t accept foreign credit cards, and train tickets can only be booked 12 days in advance.

To Hotel

There are regular airport shuttle bus services from Hefei Xinqiao Airport to Hefei City from 06:00 to 18:00 every 40 minutes. The Airport bus Line No. 3 will pass by and stop at Wal-Mart supermarket, which is located across the way of Crowne Plaza Hefei hotel. The bus ticket is 25 RMB per person, and it will take about one hour from the airport to Crowne Plaza hotel.

The LOC will be at the airport to assist people to travel from airport to the hotel on October 7 according to the arrival time of majority participantsĄ¯ flights.


The LOC will provide shuttle bus service between Crowne Plaza Hotel and ASIPP on each day of the meeting. The shuttle bus timetable will be announced when the meeting agenda is fixed.