The EAST and DIII-D groups will hold the first Joint Planning Workshop at ASIPP in Hefei, October 14-17, 2013.

The objective of this workshop is to discuss a subset of key scientific and technical issues for Long Pulse Operation on EAST, with the aim of defining the research tasks and EAST/DIII-D experiments that can lead to their resolution. The workshop output, to be documented in a summary presentation, will be information that could be used as input to the planning of the EAST experimental campaigns in 2014. Opportunities to make greater progress through collaborative will be identified, ideally leading to coordination or joint work where beneficial.

        The Workshop will cover the following topics:
         1. Scenarios for long pulse (>100 s) H-mode
         2. Plasma power exhaust and PWI
         3. MHD stability and control
         4. ELM control

1st Announcement (PDF Download)