Contributions & presentations

Information for authors
Papers from RFPPC2019 will be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings. These conference proceedings are now peer reviewed as described at:

We will allow:

  1. Review presentations - 10 pages
  2. Invited oral - 8 pages
  3. Poster - 4 pages

Please follow the instructions and use the templates provided at .
Article preparation checklist
Copyright license checklist
Copyright form
Please submit the electronic version of your paper together with the filled copyright form on Paper Submission , before 17th May 2019.

Information for oral presentations
Review: 50mn + 10mn questions
Invited: 25mn + 5mn questions
An abstract number will be assigned to each presentation. Please name your presentation file with your assigned abstract number and copy it to LOC’s computer at registration. The acceptable formats are PowerPoint and PDF (4:3).

Information for poster presentations
An assigned abstract number for each poster will be shown on a tag posted on the panel. The size of each panel is 2.3m*0.9m (portrait orientation). Please remove your poster at the end of the session.